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Welding Inspection

Welder CSCS cards

In January 2015 the Construction Leadership Council, a committee sponsored by the Department for Business Energy and Infrastructure Strategy (BEIS), specified that any person accessing a construction site should have a CSCS (Construction Skills Card Scheme) skills card to ensure he has the skill, minimum level 2, to carry out his contracted tasks and can work safely. It was not intended to be a monopoly as Trade Associations were encouraged to become a partner to the scheme and issue cards for their discipline. SAFed became a partner in November 2015, primarily for engineer surveyor employees of SAFed member companies. On 1 Apr 2017 CSCS discontinued their Construction Related Occupation (CRO) card and encouraged trade associations to pick up such CRO disciplines.

CSCS and the Safety Assessment Federation (SAFed) agreed an extension to their route for issuing CSCS cards to approved welders. This can be carried out by SAFed full members, accredited by UKAS to ISO/IEC 17020 and ISO/IEC 17024 for Certification of welders, to national standards for Welder Qualification.The SAFed Technical Committee for Welding (TC4), has approved a procedure for SAFed members to assess welders and issue a SAFed CSCS card.

The procedure is as follows, SAFed full member assesses the welder competence by:

  • Carrying out the approved welder skills test on an appropriate welding process and issuing a ISO MEC 17020 or ISO/IEC 17024 welding certificate in acordance with BS EN ISO 9606
  • The candidate welder passes a written a job knowledge test at the full members venue using the SAFed/CSCS approved test. Welder SS01 Q and A (Internal Only) and is held by SAFed Tech Manager.
  • The candidate welder passes the CSCS health and safety passport test at a local DVLA or other approved center.
  • The candidate/employer submits:
    • Current Evidence of passing the CSCS Health and Safety examination.
    • Valid ISO/EC 17020 or 17024 welder approval certificate with Job knowledge acceptable
    • Purchase order/ fee from UKAS accredited organisation for production of CSCS card
  • Instruction for return of card and certificates when applicable
  • SAFed Member Company will verify all information submitted and on confirmation of receipt of the appropriate fee produce CSCS card. Card is valid for 5 years from date of issue
  • CSCS card and certificates are posted as instructed or available for collection

As a SAFed full member Southdown Welding Inspection can issue CSCS cards to approved welders. For more information please call us on 01384 482880 or visit our contact page.